It starts with a Curriculum Vitae!

Why is the Curriculum Vitae (CV) important?

A CV is a document prepared by an individual to present their background, achievement, and skills. Thus, it is through this document that we are able to assess the qualifications of our prospective applicant.

What are the important details helpful to us?

  1. Indicate a career objective.
  2. Include all relevant work history including volunteering and project-based employment. Provide the period of employment and indicate key achievements.
  3. List down all relevant education and training qualifications. Provide name of institution where you studied, course taken and date of completion.
  4. Mention demonstrated skills and special achievements.
  5. Use referees who have good knowledge of your ability and skills.
  6. Your contact details: name, address, phone or mobile number and e-mail address.

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Evidence of Academic Qualifications

Documents that serve as evidence of academic qualifications are certificates, diploma, and transcript of records (TOR).

Documents showing recognition of prior learning (RPL) adds to the qualification of a prospective applicant.

Recognition of prior learning is the acknowledgement of skills and knowledge obtained through any of the following:

  1. Formal training or study
  2. Work experience including paid or volunteer work
  3. Life experience including skills attained through leisure pursuits (i.e., trade work, musical, linguistics, etc.)

Evidence of Financial Capacity

Students qualifying to study or do an internship program in Australia are required to show proof that they have sufficient funds to cover for their fees and living cost allowance during their period of study/internship.

Acceptable documents showing evidence of funds:

  • Bank certificate
  • Evidence of regular income (payslips, ITR / Tax Papers, business papers, Pension Benefits)
  • Affidavit of Support or Guarantee Letter

Pearson Test of English Academic

International students need to accomplish an English Test to comply with the pre-requisite requirement to qualify into a course of study. The English test assess all of your English skills — reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and is designed to reflect how you will use English at study and your ability to communicate in an English-speaking country.

How does one prepare for a Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)?

Register for either classroom or online preparation course with us so we can help you achieve the PTE scores you need. We can help you book an exam date and assist with your application and documentation. Learn more

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the single most important part of your school and student visa application. As the name signifies, the statement of purpose is your personal statement about who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.

You should be able to provide information on the following matters for the admission officer and visa officer to have an overview of your profile.

  • Your reason for choosing to undertake the course of study specified in your application.
  • The relevance of your studies to your academic and/or employment background.
  • The relevance of the course to your future career/ educational plans.
  • Your reason for choosing your education provider and your reasons for choosing to study in Australia rather than in your home country.


If you plan correctly, you can give yourself enough time to submit a well-written, thoughtful, polished SOP that will boost your chances for admission and successful visa application.

Writing a reasonably good statement of purpose is not an impossible task. It requires care, attention, and patience.

Set aside time for you to be able to write several drafts, show them to people and polish your SOP till you get a version that you are happy with.

This is your chance to make yourself stand out from among a multitude of similarly qualified candidates.

To show them that you have the spark, the thirst for knowledge that could add value to your career plan and objectives.

International Partnerships and Linkages

Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

The Virtual Internship Program offers students and young professionals an opportunity to gain work experience within an Australian company  in a remote professional setting under the supervision of a mentor. Interns get involved in real projects as assigned by the host organisation, in different fields and industries. A virtual internship is a great way to start your career,  improve your skills, be involved in real projects and receive mentorship of experienced professionals -all with flexible hours


  • Internship opportunities related to your skills and academic background
  • 6 to 12 weeks, non paid training positions (10 to 30 hours per week)
  • Access to over 7,000 companies Australia wide
  • Start every Monday (pending lead time)
  • Fields: Marketing, Human Resources, Events Management, IT, Business, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Journalism, and many others.