Online learning has never been more personal.

  • Learn anywhere, any time
  • Progress individually or in a virtual group
  • Practice remotely with native speakers

Pearson Online English offers an unprecedented digital learning experience which aims to develop language fluency based on each learner’s purpose and needs.

POE’s unique approach empowers individuals to learn real-world English for their real-world careers that leads to greater employment opportunities!

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Why POE?

Responsive & Personalized

Pearson Online English’s personalised approach provides an engaging and motivational style of learning that adapts to the needs of individual students. Based on tried and tested technology, its model is proven to result in cost efficiency and significant learner improvement.

Career Relevant

The innovative style of this English course boosts young adults’ educational and career development through the acquisition of relevant, applicable knowledge. Pearson Online English focuses on the specific career or educational aspirations of each learner and uses authentic and high quality learning material relating to their chosen industry or
interest area.

Real-world Content

Engaging real-world content is at the heart of Pearson Online English. Partnerships with The Associated Press, Bloomberg and Financial Times ensure that students receive fresh, authentic texts on a daily basis. POE’s personalised approach means content is also highly relevant to individual learners’ career interests.